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"I have been seeing Jeanette for a while now. She is very caring, compassionate, as well as a great listener! She is there for your needs! Her acupuncture skills are top notch! She knows what she is doing. I would honestly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Jeanette for your awesome service!"

– Bruce W.


"Jeanette at Trillium Acupuncture is a miracle worker! I came to her 10 weeks ago with a herniated disc and pinched nerve. I had bad pain radiating down my right arm. By my 4th treatment, I left and had no idea which arm hurt to begin with. Jeanette takes great care of her patients and puts a lot of time and effort into healing. I have learned a lot from her and plan to come back for my allergies. Friends, acupuncture can provide relief for many common ailments! I was a little worried about the needles but you can barely feel anything at all and she has such a gentle touch. Can't wait to see her again."

– Stacy C.

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